Be Heard: Developing Your Brand Voice 

Everyone has their own unique personality, character, and voice, and that voice is showcased in nearly everything that they do. Brands are no different – every brand has a voice, and that voice is one of a kind!  

Unlike an individual’s voice, a brand’s voice is more conceptual. It makes itself known in all forms of that brand’s marketing, including social media, billboards, TV or radio ads, and more. Put simply, brand voice is all about the personality and tone your marketing takes in an effort to connect with your customers.  

This week’s blog will break down what makes a brand voice and how to find the right voice for your brand. Read on to learn more! 


What makes up a brand voice? 

One of the easy ways to understand what goes into a brand voice is by imagining it as a person. By finding out what personality traits are associated with your brand, it becomes easier to find out how your brand can most effectively communicate with your audience. That’s the biggest part of what brand voice is – personifying your brand and using the tone of voice that individual would have! 

The fast-food chain Wendy’s has a very distinctive brand voice. Their social media takes on a sarcastic, casual, and funny tone that gets through to the younger demographic they’re trying to reach. Their content is so good at leveraging that voice, their posts are frequently incorporated into memes and other sharable content. 



How do I identify my brand’s voice? 

Think about the way you normally talk. What kinds of words do you use? What are some of your go-to phrases, and how do you show off your personality when you’re interacting with people? The answers to those questions can help identify what voice you use, and by asking those same questions about your brand’s marketing, you can find your brand’s voice! 


Why is it important to know my brand’s voice? 

It’s easy to overlook the importance of brand voice. Many business owners are so in tune with their brand and how they perceive it, they sometimes struggle to consider how their customers perceive it. By defining your brand voice and then consistently using it in all of your communication, you can make your marketing more cohesive and compelling. 

Trying to market your business and brand can be exceedingly difficult. With so many other brands competing for the same customers, it can be easy for your message to be drowned out in a sea of competition. It’s vital that you stand out and resonate with your audience, and one of the most effective ways to do that is through a well-developed brand voice. 


Brand voices are far reaching. They’re involved in nearly every single interaction your brand has with a customer, from the social media content on your pages to the slogan on the bottom of your printed receipts. If you’re struggling to define and develop your brand voice, get in touch with the team here at Baer Performance Marketing! We’ve been helping businesses make meaningful connections with potential customers for years. We’d love to help you find your voice, so get in touch with us today for a free consultation!