August: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (To Order Your Promo Products)

Get that “wish list” in early and reap the rewards! 

We all know the feeling – you walk into a store and see the Christmas decorations out, even though the holiday season isn’t for another two months. To some, it’s a weird idea to plan for an event so far out in the future, but when it comes to promotional products, it’s precisely what you need to be doing! 

While it’s still mid- to late-summer, you absolutely ought to be placing an order to fill your holiday promo products and apparel needs. Not doing so can lead to frustrating time crunches, long turnaround times, and higher costs. Read on to learn more about the benefits of ordering your holiday products early.


Take Advantage of Full Inventories and Premium Selections 

Your business is certainly not the only business that’s thinking about ordering custom merchandise and apparel – anybody who knows anything about marketing knows just how effective these products can be at building your brand. This leads businesses all over the country to partake in a yearly scramble for suppliers’ limited inventory. It turns into a first-come, first-served game that many businesses are bound to lose.  

By ordering early, you can take advantage of a “slower” time of year for these suppliers, ensuring a selection of choice products that would otherwise be unavailable later. Just because it’s a common saying doesn’t make it any less true; the early bird does get the worm! 


Stock Up and Save

Holiday orders are the perfect time to order in bulk and stock up for the upcoming year! When you order in larger quantities, you can often take advantage of lower prices that will help you save year-round. After all, the amazing products and apparel you’re purchasing for the holiday season can often deliver the same great results in other seasons. 

End-of-year orders can also be a perfect way to maximize your yearly marketing budget. These budgets often come with a “use-it-or-lose-it” mindset that requires you to spend it – or risk having it cut in the future. By placing your order in 2023, you can use whatever leftover budget you anticipate, even if the order won’t need to be fulfilled until much closer to 2024! 


Avoid Shipping Complications 

When you order anything during the holiday season, you can always expect to receive it later rather than sooner. This goes double for promotional products and apparel – as logistics companies become swamped in the leadup to holidays, their service times get longer and more uncertain. These companies are no Santa Claus, and once it’s too late, there’s no magic solution that can fix your rushed order. 

This can be compounded by other shakeups in the logistics world (like large businesses filing for bankruptcy, as we’ve seen lately) and can lead to tremendous headaches wondering whether your order will arrive on time. By shipping during the busy season, it’s also likely you’ll rack up additional expenses that could easily be avoided by shipping during less busy seasons. 


If you knew you were going to go shopping on Black Friday, and you knew you were going after a popular product, you wouldn’t show up ten minutes before the sale starts. It’s the same principle with ordering your promo apparel and products! Even a minimal amount of forethought can save you serious money down the road and ensure that you get the amazing, personalized products you know your employees and customers will love. 


Order Your Custom Promo Products With BPM! 

Personalized promo and apparel products are the perfect holiday gifts – rather than handing out meaningless gift cards, or other trinkets that are likely to end up collecting dust, ordering high-quality customizable branded merchandise is a great way to show your employees and customers you care. These can include customized decanter and wine glass sets, kitchenware sets, name-brand custom apparel, and so much more! If you can imagine it, we can brand it. 

When you order durable promo goods, they can last well into the future, generating impressions for your brand time and time again. Ordering the right promo products can not only make your employees and customers happy but can actually be a great asset to your overall marketing. 

The team at BPM has years of experience navigating the promo industry and the connections that can help get you the best custom products at the best prices. Reach out to us today and beat the rush!