Founded in 1992 as a small manufacturer of pins and bushings, J&R Machine, Inc. has always looked to provide clients with strategic solutions, advanced knowledge, and exceptional customer service. However, after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and the corresponding downturn in the economy, revenue began to decline, putting the company in a precarious position. A thorough examination of the company revealed it was producing commodity items that competing manufacturers in China and elsewhere could produce at a much lower cost. J&R Machine needed to go in a different direction in order to survive, and in the past ten years, the company has shifted from making commodity-type items to producing more complex parts. In 2013, J&R Machine knew it was time to reposition their brand and looked to Baer Performance Marketing to put together an effective strategy.



BPM worked with J&R Machine to identify and package the organization’s new brand messaging within a new website, blog, printed collateral, trade show display, and online advertising to formally introduce it to both existing and potential clients. BPM’s professional photography services were also utilized to communicate the new brand, value-added services and lean principles incorporated by the company.

Sometimes change can prove to be a real test for a business. However, with foresight, ingenuity, and the guidance of an experienced marketing team, J&R Machine was able to see beyond their dilemma and look toward future solutions.

“J&R Machine, Inc. contracted with Baer Performance Marketing a little over a year ago. The results have been remarkable, and the ongoing service has been first class.

Their staff is experienced in all areas of effective marketing including web design, photography, press releases, blog writing, and tradeshow displays. I highly recommend Aaron and his staff for designing a comprehensive marketing program that covers all facets of promoting a business and delivering a visionary message.”

Tim Tumanic, President, J&R Machine, Inc.