The Intern Experience: Alex Young

Here’s a blog post from Alex Young, one of the passionate interns at Baer Performance Marketing.  Alex currently studies Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations at the University of Wisconsin Green bay.  He will graduate this May.

If you were to ask me what I thought an internship was four months ago I probably would have said something similar to this:
“An internship is a position similar to voluntary slave labor.
Interns do all of the grunt work: getting coffee, doing monotonous tasks for hours on end and interspersed floggings, just to keep us in line and on task. Our work would be underappreciated, our ideas stolen and all the credit would be given to the ‘big-wigs’ running the company; oh and probably a few more floggings, just for giggles.”
But one fantastic perk of being a college student, especially in the Communication department, is that internships are required.
Hip, skip, hooray.
As I tried to control my excitement and find an internship I had a friend recommend Baer Performance Marketing. She had previously interned at the company and said it was a great place to intern.
How can this be? Had they brainwashed her? Maybe they only flogged the interns once a day or if I was lucky, every other day. No matter what the reason was, any internship that comes personally recommended is great in my book; I had to give it a shot.
Here I am four months later at the end of my internship at Baer Performance Marketing – yeah, they chose ME. The slightly quirky, often random and never quiet ME! I couldn’t have been any happier with the opportunity they provided me.
I can see why the internship was recommended to me. BPM’s interns get to have the rights, freedoms and opportunities that are seldom offered to interns. I have done so much that there is definitely not enough space to write about all of my experiences here. I will try to sum it up in fifty words or less, here it goes:
“BPM allowed me to use my personality, knowledge and experience to influence the marketing strategies of clients. I got to pursue my interests and have my voice and opinion valued. The low man on the totem pole seldom gets to make a difference but at BPM I know I have.”
There we go – 50 words that would sum up my experience at BPM. My coworkers are incredible and the work I was responsible for is valued and shared. I would recommend this internship to anyone who wants to get real-world experience with a company that is moving in the right direction!
Plus there are no, that’s right, NO flogging of interns – score.
Baer Performance Marketing Internship – 1
Most other voluntarily, slave labor internships – 0