The BPM Internship Experience: Heidi Hablewitz

An internship normally has professional goals, tasks, and field-learning experience. However, when an internship opportunity educates you about yourself, then you have truly found a very special experience.  Working with the BPM team has been a blast and has given me a closer look at the marketing and business world as well as myself as a businesswoman. What have I learned?

An online presence is extremely valuable.

Through college course work I learned marketing strategies and promotion devices, but none of that had a strong emphasis on the ability of the internet and social media to drive your business forward.  The importance of having an online presence and how that presence is presented became truly tangible when I got to Baer Performance Marketing.  Doing initial industry research for clients further acknowledged this importance.

Your writing can ALWAYS be worked on and improved.

After years of English and writing classes and college paper after college paper, I thought my writing could never get any better. Through the guidance of the BPM team, I was shown that there are many different ways to write in order to effectively communicate the information at hand and that “flowery” dialogue is not always needed. I enjoyed improving my skills through blog compositions and press releases and learned different styles to be successful.

Agency representatives work really hard to make your business the best.

A marketing agency representative is a truly multifaceted professional. Every day, I was required to use a different skill set from conducting phone conversations, to visiting client facilities in person, to analyzing pricing models and comparing services. Working at a marketing agency has pushed me toward a career path where my relational and communication skills can be utilized to their fullest. An ideal position would allow me to build strong relationships and nurture them through effective communication all with a professional yet creative edge.

Staying connected, people focused, and straightforward all while having a bit of fun are driving forces for marketing and for life. I will be forever thankful to the Baer Performance Marketing team for their encouragement and guidance to my future success.

-Heidi Hablewitz