VW Uses Guerrilla Marketing to Shame Late Moviegoers

Volkswagen recently carried out an incredibly clever guerrilla marketing tactic to highlight the “Pedestrian Detector” featured on the brand’s new Passat vehicle. The stunt took place at a movie theater in Madrid and used the new “Pedestrian Detection” technology to identify people who arrived late to the showing. The audience had no idea what was going on as all of the tardy moviegoers were illuminated in a spotlight. An alarm also sounded, and the trailer stopped to allow Volkswagen’s “Pedestrian Detector” icon to appear on the screen. Once the individual sat down, the trailer resumed.

Check out the audience’s reaction below:

According to the Creative Director of Volkswagen’s ad agency, the company asked his marketing team to prepare a demo video for the Passat’s new technology. However, they decided to take it in an innovative direction—presenting the technology in a way “normal people” could better understand and appreciate its value.
And yes, the ad was actually created in real-time.


Why is the tactic genius?

Volkswagen is correct. Studies have, in fact, shown the best way to explain a new product or abstract technology is by “showing” the audience how it works, and the idea was certainly “alarming” enough to catch the attention of Spanish moviegoers and YouTube browsers around the world. Volkswagen’s marketing team truly nailed this one!

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