Respond, Resolve, Retain – Why Social Media Customer Service Matters

One of the biggest mistakes you can make for your business is to ignore customers on social media. Whether your customers’ comments are good or bad, your strategy should involve engaging with them. And if you have an upset customer, responding to them is especially important. This day-in-age, customers view social media as one of the easiest customer service methods for them. Businesses should respond to their customers on social media for that reason alone…customers expect it.

Unfortunately, the majority of social media complaints go unanswered. Some companies may think if they can’t fix the problem, responding may make it worse. Other companies don’t monitor their social media accounts (tisk, tisk). Those theories and practices are dangerous! Customers want to be responded to–it makes them feel heard and important! Responding to your customers can change their attitude completely – all it takes is a simple response either assuring them you’re looking into it, asking them to send a message with more details, or a simple apology.

When customers come to social media to express their complaints or concerns, there is a good chance that they have already tried another method to do this. Social media may not have been their first contact with your company, so they are already passionately upset. When customers get frustrated, they want everyone to know it. (It’s human nature to want people on your side.) They don’t want to be the only customer that’s angry at your company/product/services; they want an army of other customers to join them – power in numbers.

Don’t forget that social media is a powerful tool! Does anyone remember that customer who wrote the song “United Breaks Guitars”?

That silly song from an upset customer has over 15,000,000 views. If he would have gotten the customer service he wanted and needed to feel satisfied, he most likely wouldn’t have created that song and video. The comments on YouTube consist mostly of other users chiming in on their horrible experiences–not good for any brand! The best thing to do is resolve the issue as soon as possible to avoid things like “United Breaks Guitars.”

Reese's deliciously perfect response to its recent Christmas tree candy controversy.

Reese’s deliciously perfect response to its recent Christmas tree candy controversy.

Get a good reputation instead: respond in a timely manner. The rate and frequency at which we contact others without actually speaking increases every year – people expect fast and frequent communication that can be done without having to physically talk to someone. Social media is one of the few channels to cater to that, and it is a sure way to keep your customers around. They will feel like they’ve been taken care of if they get this no-wait, one-on-one, virtual communication that can be done right on social media.

If your customers are trying to get your attention on social media, get their attention – respond, resolve, retain.