5 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Agency in 2020

You know the old saying, “Hindsight is 20/20.” No one could have predicted the business, economic and financial trials of the first and second quarter of 2020. However, with these challenging times, businesses need to be turning lemons into lemonade by pivoting their marketing approach now that businesses are allowed to open their doorsHiring a marketing agency is a great start. Whether a small business or large corporation, implementing strategic marketing tactics now and in the future months of 2020 will keep your business first in the minds of your core demographic. 


The benefits of outsourcing your marketing: 

Outsourcing enables small businesses to leverage broad marketing knowledge and effective solutions in a short period of time. While you focus on your main business initiatives, the agency will focus solely on your marketing initiatives. Other advantages include:


1. Efficiency for shortterm and urgent projects
Most agencies will provide you a specialized, dedicated team ensuring timelines and expectations are met and measurable results are produced. Many digital marketing tactics provide you with analytics and reports that give you a tangible measure of the results you are getting through their services. Businesses can expect regular communication and support with prompt responses to questions.


2. Access to the latest technology and tools
Agencies are always abreast of the latest marketing strategies, trends, and technology. An agency will be an expert in their field (i.e., marketing, sales, PR). Agencies determine your unique selling point and ensure every part of your marketing strategy aligns with your brand image and voice (constantly reassessing messaging, adjusting for relevance, and/or modifying your offers as needed). The marketing team can take on all marketing duties or just the ones that need more TLC.


3. Experts — access to broader skill sets
All companies require a wide range of expertise in order to execute online and offline marketing effectively. Agencies are comprised of a team that stems from various backgrounds “specialist knowledge.” The team will ensure your marketing is creative but primarily focused on being effective.

4. Lower overhead — more affordable than in-house staff
It’s expensive to have an in-house marketing team. Hourly or salary-based pay, taxes, incentives, and benefits for an individual who may still need occasional training can really add up. You don’t need to train agencies. You can allocate some or all of your marketing projects to an agency, and you will only pay for the services you need.

5. Outside help — fresh outside perspective
It’s often hard to view things from the client, customer, or patient’s perspective when working so hard IN your business. People who work at agencies are not “in-the-box” thinkers. You will reap the benefits of highly-qualified marketing minds from numerous marketing backgrounds. 


Be ready for the economic rebound by staying relevant and consistent with your business marketing tactics. Reinvigorate your business and brand. Many media outlets and online services are offering reduced prices right now, and your business can take advantage of that while remaining first in the minds of your core demographicLet the BPM team assist your business with rebranding, website redesign, video production, social media, paid media and ads. 


Interested in a marketing assessment? Let us know what services you are interested in: 

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