Here’s Why You Need an Easy-To-Navigate Website

Blog post by: Hadley Vertz, Baer Performance Marketing Intern


Did you know 94% of consumers say a website must be easy to navigate? Easy navigation is the most important feature when it comes to website design. Consumers need to be able to find the information they are searching for quickly or you might lose their business. To keep visitors engaged, incorporate content into organized pages; display contact information everywhere; and keep content short, clear, and concise. Here’s how an easy-to-navigate website can enhance your marketing strategy.


Decrease your bounce rate

When a website is easy to navigate, information can be found quicker, ultimately decreasing the odds a potential customer will leave your website and go to a competitor. This is a very common way businesses lose potential customers, which is why your website should be strategically designed.


Stand out from competitors

Now let’s reverse the previous scenario. Let’s say the visitor was originally on your biggest competitor’s website. This website was messy, had an outdated design, and the layout was chaotic and unorganized. This consumer will more than likely give up on this site and try to find the needed information elsewhere. With the help of an effective SEO strategy, they will stumble upon your website, which is organized, clean, and easy to navigate. Your well-designed website will help to attract more customers by standing out from your competitors.


Improve SEO

Strategic navigation also helps to improve SEO by enabling search engine bots to index your website efficiently, resulting in a higher search engine ranking. Conversely, if your site is challenging to navigate, it will be more difficult for a search engine bot to crawl it quickly. This can ultimately lead to a lower search engine ranking and fewer visits to your website.


Does your website need help? Creating a flowing layout and design is best left to an expert in marketing. Baer Performance Marketing’s website development team can help design a website that will improve your business’ bottom line. To learn more about our marketing services, contact us today.