Best Practices for Adding Visuals to Your Business’ Blog

Blog post by: Em VonDerRuhr, Baer Performance Marketing Intern

Blogs are everything in the world of business and marketing. They can serve as a first impression, answer frequently asked questions, introduce staff, and more. However, creating a blog that has an equal balance of information and aesthetics can be a tricky equilibrium to achieve. This week, we’re sharing tips to help you ensure your blog posts’ written content and visuals are complementing each other, and not competing with each other.


Organize Your Content

It may sound obvious, but the first step to creating a balanced blog is making sure your information is organized in a way that makes sense to visitors. Typically, including a graphic at the top of a new section of written content helps to visually introduce what the paragraph is about and can sometimes save you some time on writing a lengthy introduction. When it comes to the written content that is alongside an image, don’t underestimate the importance of using bullet points to organize tips and information! This strategy can be particularly useful when breaking down the specifics of a certain product or service in a simple-to-read way.


Stay Consistent

Maintaining a consistent blog design will improve its organization and help it stand out to your current and prospective customers. Visual consistency usually relies on a few key factors: a consistent color scheme; no more than 1-2 fonts; and clean, simple graphics scattered throughout your blog post. Posts containing graphics and images are easier to read and see 50% more shares than ones that don’t. And the more engagement your articles get, the more your business’ blog will stand out from the rest.


Choose the Right Visual

Now that we’ve suggested ways to integrate multimedia into your blog in a successful way, you might be wondering how to select visuals. Using photos, video, charts, infographics, or block quotes can all help you communicate your message quickly and clearly. Are you trying to build an audience that will return to your blog for advice and information? Charts and infographics can make key insights more memorable and enhance comprehension. Are you sharing details about a specific product your business is launching? Images accompanied by bulleted features and benefits will help you differentiate that product from competitors’. In general, make sure visuals are relevant to the content they’re supporting, and strive to include unique, eye-catching imagery.


The Breakdown

As you work through putting together your blog post with the tips above, you should find that the article is starting to come together in a professional manner. First impressions are critical, and considering that people can make up their minds on how they feel about a website in 50 milliseconds, this is vital to the success of your blog! Even a well-written blog may not grab attention right away, but an effective use of photos, video and graphics can.

Above all else: Keep it simple. Don’t allow yourself to go crazy with different graphic design elements that crowd your page and information. Always follow a clean and simple template—because it’s better to keep your organization of information and images predictable than to lose the attention of visitors amongst chaos.

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