How Reputation and Review Management Strengthens Your Brand

Customer reviews have always been valuable to a company’s brand, and in recent years, reviews have become even more important to both consumers and businesses. This is mostly because of how easy it is to search for reviews—both good and bad—on the Internet. In fact, 92% of consumers consult online reviews when considering a business.

Good reviews, especially when they are detailed and reference specific employees or services, are able to help those who are looking for something notice your company. Reviews can also answer questions that other interested consumers may have. For instance, a potential customer may be wondering about wait times or quality of service, and a review from a recent customer about your business’ speedy service could help them choose you over a competitor.

Reviews can highlight your company’s strengths as well, such as certain products, services, your customer service and more. This can help your brand stand out compared to others and help position you as an industry leader, reassuring your customer base that you, indeed, know what you’re doing.

The Importance of Responding to Reviews

Though, it goes beyond just knowing what is being said about your brand. Consumers also pay attention to how a business responds to different types of reviews, especially the negative ones. Around 41% of consumers actually say that brands that reply to reviews make them believe the company really cares about their customers.

Even if it’s a negative review, by taking time to address the complaint or concern, it shows your company is genuine and actually listens to what customers are saying. Plus, by responding and interacting with reviews, you are able to change consumers’ opinions and get them to think more positively about your brand. It also helps build a real relationship between your business and your audience, which can be incredibly beneficial.

Reviews from customers past and present can be beneficial for a business by shedding light on both strengths and areas of improvement. By creating a dialog between consumers and your brand, you can strengthen your company and stand apart from your competition.

At BPM, we can help you stay on top of each of your reviews, manage them, respond to them and even generate new ones. Just contact us today to see how you can start taking advantage of your reviews.