2022’s Must-Know B2B Marketing Trends – Part 2

Blog post by: Em VonDerRuhr, Baer Performance Marketing Intern

Last week, we began to cover 2022’s top B2B trends by introducing what B2B means and diving into topics such as how to improve and personalize your brand voice and ways to make your content more customer focused. If you missed this post, or could use a recap, click here. This week, we’re expanding on these B2B trends to explain the many ways in which video is one of the largest B2B trends of 2022.

The world of video has a wider reach than ever before, and enhancing your video marketing tactics is another top trend of B2B this year. Video marketing is very effective at capturing the attention of potential customers, and there are four video marketing trends that stand out as worthwhile measures: animated videos, TV commercials, collateral/corporate videos, and live videos.


Animated Videos: 

When it comes to our screens, there are endless ways content demands our attention. Animated videos have an upper hand when it comes to more complex industries – like software, for example – because they can visually describe a deeper explanation of specific processes in ways words sometimes fail to effectively explain. These types of videos are perfect to include on “resource” pages on your company’s website or to add to a YouTube page with “how-to” hashtags to help them reach a wider audience. The better your company’s prospects can understand the processes of your business, the better your chances are of converting them into a customer.


TV Commercials:

TV commercials are taking a new form to adapt to the changing technology and marketing environment. They are now embedded in TV subscription platforms such as Hulu, HBO Max, and Netflix. Although we are all familiar with product placement in TV advertising content, it isn’t the most common or important form of TV advertising when it comes to B2B strategies. Instead, many look to TV commercials to help with recruitment.


Collateral and Corporate Videos:

More businesses are shifting to using collateral video advertising in 2022 to highlight their services and products. One stark contrast collateral videos have with other videos, such as TV commercials, is that collateral videos are developed to reach a specific audience – whereas TV commercials tend to be more broad. Collateral videos are especially successful when they are incorporated into company websites, email marketing campaigns, and even sales presentations.

Corporate videos are used to highlight company culture and establish the ways in which your company differs from competitors. Last week we covered personalizing your brand voice, and once you’ve done this, creating a corporate video becomes easier and more successful. These types of videos are easily distributed through a website, social media, and email marketing campaigns.


Live Videos: 

Using the features of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube to livestream information about your business is an easy way to interact with potential customers. When watching something being advertised on Instagram, users are 50% more likely to become interested in the company. Live videos can take many different forms, but we suggest Q&A videos or exciting product or company updates. Instagram Live also allows you to schedule livestreams for up to 90 days ahead of time, letting you advertise the release of a new product or just create anticipation among your followers for what you will be broadcasting during an upcoming livestream.


The Breakdown: 

Between last week’s and this week’s blog post, we’ve shared how B2B trends can take many forms. It’s important to set your business apart from other businesses, especially when it comes to B2B transactions; the more connected and personalized you can be, the more your list of prospective customers will grow.

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