Casting the Net for Talent: Recruitment Marketing

The days of old, transactional job listings are gone, and the majority of business owners are still struggling to fill the gaps on their job boards. Trying to hire talent in the modern world requires a modern approach, which is where recruitment marketing enters the picture. It simply isn’t enough to put a job posting in front of a candidate and tell them to apply – potential applicants browse for jobs in the same way consumers shop for products. Businesses must sell themselves to applicants and do more than just logically explain the job; they must convince applicants to buy into the brand.

This is recruitment marketing, and it’s a topic that any business with a payroll needs to be mindful of. This blog will delve into more about what recruitment marketing is, why it’s a necessity for modern businesses, and how it can augment and elevate your recruitment efforts.


What does recruitment marketing look like?

In the current market, much of the talent in the workforce isn’t currently looking for a new job. It’s not to say they wouldn’t be open to working somewhere else, but they aren’t actively searching for a new position. This is referred to as a “passive candidate,” and in order to reach this type of individual, it’s important to remember where they spend their time.

You must meet these individuals where they are, and they can increasingly be found in digital spaces. Google and social media advertisements can pay dividends here, planting the seed in the minds of passive candidates to consider new jobs. This drives awareness for your job and increases the interest level of those who see these ads.


How can I target the individuals who have the qualifications I need?

One of the largest strengths of digital marketing is the high degree of targeting that ads can take. Using nothing more than keywords and demographics, social media platforms and Google Ads can serve ads to a pinpointed group of people most likely to have an interest in your job! This leads to better candidates, all while making the most of every dollar spent.


What are some things I can do to help my business convert?

The marketing funnel can be applied to recruitment marketing – at the top of the funnel, we have awareness. The best thing you can do to get people into your “funnel” is to get impressions – in short, having people see your job posting through social media can make them aware of your business and brand.

The second step is consideration. Once someone has seen your ad, you’ll need to convince them to seriously consider the pros and cons of your job. This is when your ad or posting could share job-specific information such as pay ranges, benefits, and information on company culture. It’s easy to get an impression, but you’ll need to seriously consider the verbiage you use when selling your job – it’s the only way to move people from awareness of the job to genuine interest.

The final step is conversion, and a submitted application is the light at the end of the tunnel! To drive conversions, you’ll want to make the user experience as easy as possible. Be sure your ad links directly to your job openings page on your site, and break down as many obstacles as you can. In short, the easier it is to navigate the application process, the more applications you’ll get!


If you were going fishing, you’d be sure to bring the right tools for the job: a good pole, enough line and hooks, and plenty of high-quality bait. The same is true in business! The more time and effort your business devotes to recruitment marketing, the more success you’re likely to see in finding viable candidates for your positions. Be proactive, not reactive!

If you think your business could use some help casting your nets in search of talent, get in touch with Baer Performance Marketing. As a full-service marketing agency, we’ve helped numerous businesses get the word out about their openings. Reach out today and set up a free consultation; we’d love to help you fill your roster!